Shogun Katana Gensei – Handmade Samurai Sword For Sale

This “Shogun Katana Gensai” sword is handmade and can be shipped to almost any country in the world, shipping is free, each sword is custom made upon order in only about 2 weeks.

The “Shogun Katana Gensai” Hand Forged Sword

shogun katana gensei

Details about the “Shogun Katana Gensai”

This is A completely 100% handmade Japanese style design Katana, hand forged and polished and sharpened by hand to a razor sharp cutting edge. It is clay tempered 1095 Carbon Steel, which results in the highly prized end product of a katana blade two different hardness areas. The edge cools fastest and therefore forms a very hard steel structure, while the body cools slower and forms a very tough steel structure. The boundary between these two areas, the hamon, is seen as the wavy line with a frosty texture. This well-made sword produces a whistling sound when swung accurately through the air, which is an excellent aid for practicing the swinging technique during training.

The Shogun Katana Gensai sword has a full tang, increasing the strength of the sword, making it virtually unbreakable. The best quality materials and full length tang structure, combined with the hand sharpening results in a superior blade with instant cutting qualities. This Katana is able to cut through a bamboo tree that is as thick as a bottle.

The sword has a rayskin handle to ensure a firm grip. Rayskin is prized for its durability and for the fact that it maintains its intense color for decades. The saya is made hardwood to last indefinitely and to protects the blade when not in use.

shogun katana gensei tsuba detail

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided by the forge. It is signed by the sword maker and shows the forge’s official stamp to verify authenticity. The certificate is printed on heavy parchment, similar to documentation what is traditional for ancient sword makers and their modern descendents.



(Stand is not included.)

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