Samurai Sword Store Discount Codes

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Samurai Sword Store Discount Examples

Samurai Sword Store Discount - Get 10% Samurai Sword Store Discount with the code: "ninjanetwork"

Discount Codes on Samurai Blades

Discount Codes for the Samurai Sword Store at offer you 10% discount with one of the best International providers of martial arts blades such as swords, knives and display stands. The Samurai Sword Store features handmade, high quality training blades based on traditional samurai and other world-wide blade martial arts. 

Samurai Swords Store Discounts (and Knives)

Custom design is available, or browse the Samurai Swords Store selection to choose your favorite ready-made, hand-crafted blades. Choose from katana, tanto, wakizashi, dao, dadao, naginata and many more types of blades used in Japan for centuries. Of course, for safety reasons, no one should use ‘live’, sharpened swords or knives without professional training. And even advanced martial artists and their sensei will train with wooden weapons most of the time. Save your real blade training for very special training situations and supervised demonstration events only. Every owner of a blade, even if not very sharp, has a responsibility for safety. So, carefully display or store their tools in a safe manner and never carry or use blades carelessly.

Polypropylene and Wooden Training Sword Tools

Training swords and tools made of wood or polypropylene are safe to train with, but keep them away from children who might hurt someone because they think it’s a toy. Nowadays, the training tools are quite beautiful. And they provide martial artists a realistic training experience when not using a sharp “live” samurai sword, such as the famous katana.

Polypropylene Training Sword
Polypropylene Training Sword
Learn About the History of Samurai Swords, Discounts on Books

Hatsumi Soke, founder of the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu School, is a sword master and Soke (Grandmaster) of nine martial art schools that comprise his teachings. His books are beautifully illustrated and speak to us about the spirit of sword strategy and technique. From spiritual musings on ninpo to the technical action of striking with a katana, you can find centuries of wisdom passed down now to us from this samurai sword master.

Hatsumi Soke Book Suggestions

We recommend Grandmaster Hatsumi’s entire collection of books, each with a different perspective on the art of sword mastery and philosophy. These books below are just a couple of his famous books. Click any one of them for details and to browse for more books about samarai swords and discounts on learning materials and tools.

Japanese Sword Fighting, Secrets of the Samurai by Masaaki Hatumi, Soke of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu
Way of the Ninja, Secret Techniques by Masaaki Hatsumi, Grandmaster of the Bujinkan

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