Nagato, Noguchi, Seno, Oguri & Ishizuka in Japan

From links below you can find Nagato, Noguchi, Seno, Oguri & Ishizuka in Japan.

Start searching around for Bujinkan Taikai events all over the world and the name Toshiro Nagato is going to jump out for his teaching all over the world. The October 2019 Taikai in Barcelona Spain is just one example of his passion for the art… he takes real ninja training on the road to share with the world. There’s no website for Shihan Nagato, or for the impressive group of Dai Shihan at the Honbu, but their gravitas is felt throughout the Bujinkan.

(It is noted with great sadness and respect that Shihan Seno passed on in 2019.)

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