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Classic! Ninjutsu Martial Art Training Weapons Video with Hatsumi

The black belt Ninjutsu weapons videos covered in The Ninjutsu Home Study Black Belt Course from Bushindo University provide explanations and  basic demonstrations of a few main weapons taught in modern Bujinkan all over the world.  You can get some of the training tools you see in these videos at our martial arts supplies page. Hatsumi Soke has written about the history and techniques of many ninja and samurai weapons and we recommend that you read Hatsumi books.

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Katana    Shuriken   Tanto and Throwing Knives   Kusari Fundo
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Ninjutsu weapons are descended from  both “samurai” and “ninja” experiences. Some techniques, like many for the katana, are very sophisticated with a lineage from ancient samurai schools. Others may have been invented from impromptu objects at hand such as boat hooks, garden hoes and nail removers (the possible origin of shuriken.)  This tradition of adapting any object for use as self-defense tools continues today in the modern training of ninjutsu students and it is common to see sensei doing ninja weapon training drills using backpacks, water bottles, luggage, keys and keychains, cellphones and other common objects as weapons.

 For more detailed Ninjutsu weapons training refer to : the katana (sword), bo shuriken (metal throwing darts), senban shuriken (throwing stars), the hanbo (3 foot staff), the rokushaku bo (6 foot staff), the tanto (knife), kunai and throwing knives, the shoto (a short sword similar to machetes), the kasuri fundo (a rope or metal chain with hard bits on the ends), kasuri gama (a hooked blade on a handle with chain and weighted end), kyoketsu shoge (a rope or chain with a metal ring on one end and a special flat, barbed blade at the other end) shuko (hand claws) the jutte (a short metal bar with a hooked piece at one end) the tessen (a metal “fan”) and spear-like weapons such as the yari and naginata.

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