How to Find Dai Shihan Who Study Under Bujinkan Grandmaster Hatsumi

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The planet is sprinkled with formal dojos where you can find deeply skilled Bujinkan sensei who were awarded Dai Shihan status in the Bujinkan school. There is a short list of some of the most accessible Dai Shihan below, but you’ll find them at their dojos, or many clubs and taikai seminars all year long. Many also offer online video to share teachings with students who want to study the wisdom and techniques of Bujinkan Grandmaster (Soke), Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.

The home dojo of Soke is located in Chiba, Japan. Currently, it is not open to the public. A student must be with a sensei to train there privately and should be Bujinkan members. After many decades of training hundreds of serious students around the world, Soke has a global network of highly trained masters, the top rank being “Dai Shihan” (sometimes spelled “Daishihan.”)

Dai Shihan patch 2019, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

“we have created the Bujinkan dōjō in memory of Takamatsu sensei, and there must be unity amongst its members. No one is above the others, no one is the head of the Bujinkan, we are all at the same level. When people are competing, peace cannot be achieved”. -Soke

How to locate the Highest Ranked Bujinkan Shihan and Dai Shihan

There are more than 800 Dai Shihan (sometimes spelled “Daishihan.”) To search, CHECK THE LIST BELOW for a partial list of Dai Shihan that have been reported to this website. This is a PARTIAL LIST. Please contact us to add names and links to their dojos. Domo!


Nagato, Noguchi, Seno, Oguri & Ishizuka (Japan)

Start searching around for Bujinkan Taikai events all over the world and the name Toshiro Nagato is going to jump out for his teaching all over the world. The October 2019 Taikai in Barcelona Spain is just one example of his passion for the art… he takes real ninja training on the road to share with the world. There’s no website for Shihan Nagato, or for the impressive group of Dai Shihan at the Honbu, but their gravitas is felt throughout the Bujinkan. (It is noted with great sadness and respect that Shihan Seno passed on in 2019.)

Joseph Adriance: Del Rio, TX
Oscar Arends: Netherlands
Pablo Aronno: Argentina
Micheal Ascuncion: Ann Arbor, MI
Sean Askew: Novi, MI
Jess Attilli: Dayton, OH
Christophe Ayen: France
Gary Bailey: Australia
Markus Behmer: Austria
Jurgen Bieber: Germany
Sveneric Bogsäter: Sweden
Marco Borst: Netherlands
Elias Canal (Gonzalez): Spain

Graham Clunan: UK
Arnaud Cousergue: France
COL James Cummings: San Diego, CA
Christopher Davy: Lost River, WV

Michele de Winter: Netherlands
Felix Diaz: Miami, FL
Armin Dörfler: Germany
Marty Dunsky: Dayton, OH
Pam Dunsky: Dayton, OH
Brent Earlewine: Pittsburgh, PA
Arne Elmlund: Sweden
Bob Ensign: Dayton, OH
Dave Evans: Elsmere Port, UK
Dave Fetterman: Pittsburgh, PA
Peter Fleitas: Spain
Gabriel Galleguillos H.: Chile
David Garcia: Spain
Dino Gheri: Germany

Simon Guant: New Zealand
Michael Glenn: Santa Monica, CA
Pablo Godoy: Argentina
Herman Goijman: Argentina
Sheila Haddad: Florida

Robert Hamilton, Shelbyville, TN
Rob Hartung: Chicago, IL
David Keith Heald: Studio City, CA

Larry G. Hembel, Green Bay, WI
Alejandro Heredia: Argentina
Jack Hoban: New Jersey
Jasper Holm: Denmark
Richard Hunia: New Zealand
Brad Hutchinson: Canada
Nestor Iscovy: Argentina

Mark Johnston: UK
Robert Johnson: Indiana
Lauri Jokinen: Finland
Tihomir Jovanovic: Germany

Kostas Kanakis: Greece
Sasa Kesic: Europe/USA
Jay King: St. Louis, MO
Peter King: UK
Carol and Karl Koch: Durham, NC
Cristian Laiber: Romania
Luca Lanaro: Italy
Pat Lee: St. Louis, MO
Phil Legare: Japan & Hawaii
Gabe Logan: Marquette, MI
Diego Lopez Garcia: Spain
Philipp Matsiridis: Greece
Joe Maurantonia: Westchester, NY
Stephane Meunier: Canada
Antonios Mitrou: Greece
Ezequiel Montes de Oca: Argentina
Jeff Ochester: Dayton, OH
David Oliver: Poole, UK
Detlef Ostermann: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Mariano Parodi: Argentina
Johnstone Paul: Australia
Renan Perpinya: Spain
David Petersmarck: Sahuarita, AZ
Cavin Pietzsch: Germany
Oliver Piskurek: Germany
Darrell Putt: New Zealand
Juan Ramon: Peru
Pete Reynolds: Japan

Jason Roberts: South Africa
Dean Rostohar: Croatia
Dale Sageo: San Francisco, CA

Benedikt Sas, Belgium

Tino Schielinski, Germany
Duncan Stewart: Tasmania
Rick Spangler, Decatur, IL

Michael Telfer: New Market, MD
Penny Telfer: San Antonio, TX

Christophe Timbremont, Belgium
Mariëtte van der Vliet: Netherlands
Richard Van Donk: Bushindo University
Viviana Vrsalovic: Chile
Jeff Walker
Jay Zimmerman: Indiana


Richard Van Donk, Bushindo University Online

Doshi Van Donk produced the most comprehensive video courses and correpsondence training, in concert with famous annual Taikai events in the United States. The complete courses on DVD can help guide students reach the Shodan 1st Degree black belt and even go beyond to the Nidan 2nd Degree black belt and How to Become a Sensei (in concert with hands-on training, naturally.)

Jack Hoban, WINjutsu and Living Values

Shihan Hoban’s military background infuses his teachings with a sense of purpose and a moral warrior creed. Shihan Hoban offers a collections of writings, videos, and famous Bujinkan training seminars all over the world. He also posts resources for the Bujinkan community on the WINjutsu network. Shihan Hoban’s video lessons are available to anyone.

Sheila Haddad and Living the Way, Kunoichi

Sheila Haddad is an instrumental connection to modern Kunoichi (traditional female ‘ninjas’) training and community. She’s created many of the photographs in some of Hatsumi’s publications. Shihan Haddad has been deeply training in Enbukan for decades. She offers Bujinkan classes in Florida, USA and teaches at Taikai and seminars all over the world.

New students can find authorized DaiShihan (the highest rank for a sensei in the Bujinkan) online and at dojos on every continent. Training under any black belt or sensei is a experience you don’t want to miss and Bujinkan sensei’s support on your path is invaluable. But membership in the Bujinkan and a direct link to the Grandmaster flows around through the Dai Shaihan masters.

Who are the Dai Shihan ranked sensei in Hatsumi’s Bujinkan School?

Grandmaster Hatsumi named several hundred sensei from his International Bujinkan school to the highest rank called “Dai Shihan”
A list of names and contact information can be found on