Hatsumi’s Legacy Tells You…

 Hatsumi’s legacy tell you how to live the virtues of the modern ninja. Read the Bujinkan Grandmaster’s books to learn more. The classic writing by Hatsumi Soke crystalizes his philosophy and legacy for all Bujinkan martial artists and beyond… One read that no serious Ninjutsu student can overlook is “Understand? Good. Play! Word of Consequence” is a collectable classic and will take you into the mind of a true modern martial arts master, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Grandmaster of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. Even if you don’t buy your own copy, the title says it all.

Hatsumi's book "Understand? Good. Play! Words of Consequence"

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“When I trained under Takematsu sensei’s guidance, doubt assailed me every once in awhile. When I began to doubt I tried to stick to his teachings…Nothing is so uncertain as one’s own common sense or knowledge. Regardless of one’s fragile knowledge one must singlemindedly devote oneself to training, especially in times of doubt.  It is of utmost importance to immerse and enjoy oneself in the world of nothingness. In this world of nothingness, one must see through to the essence of common sense, or knowledge, or divine consciousness, make a decision, and translate it into action.  This is the one way to enlightenment. This is also the key to cultivating the sixth sense required of martial artists and ninja…”
(Hatsumi Soke, from Essence of Ninjutsu)

Understand? Good. Play! Now shut up and train!


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 #ad: Available on Amazon