Contact with Grandmaster Hatsumi is not recommended as he has recently retired. The Honbu Dojo is currently closed due to COVID.

But do you need to contact us about the dojo map or Daishihan contact listings? Do you have other recommendations or contributions? We welcome your inquiry. Thank you.

This site provides public links and information to open resources that support students in the Bujinkan. The site and its related social pages are maintained by volunteers who are Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu members in good standing, supported under auspices of authorized Jugodan and Daishihan training directly with the Grandmaster, since 2012.

Suggestions for books, gear, Taikai and training resources are from the Bujinkan community, not paid sponsors. Please send your recommendations. Books by Hatsumi are most commonly sourced from onlines sites such as Amazon, which we list for our readers’ convenience.*