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Find Bujinkan TAIKAI and Seminars from suggestions on this page. Or send us your Calendar Event Listings for FREE publication. Send us your annual or special event and links so we can add it to this page. Any training opportunity related to Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Samurai and Ninja Training topics are welcome. All Bujinkan training events related to any kind of Ninja skills are welcome regardless of your school or location.

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Nagato Taikai,  Oct 8, 2021, Dayton OH USA

Nagato Taikai 2021

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Any Bujinkan Taikai or Seminars are invited, and other training opportunities related to any kind of Ninja and Samurai -related training are also welcome, such as kuji kiri, history, weapons, grappling, self-defense, etc.  To post data about your free listing, please remember to give specific data such as location, time, restrictions, instructors, etc. Including links and suggestions for contacting you will help people locate and attend your event. (Our genuine ninja volunteers will not be able to help people with your taikai/seminar, so make sure you give the readers all the information they need to contact YOU.)

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